In Writing a Christmas Letter in Times of Loss, I wrote about the value of having hope in something outside of our lives here on earth. Belief in God and His gift of eternal salvation not only strengthens the Christian man and woman in times of loss, it also upholds them through the trials of everyday life.

God created humans for His good pleasure, but He gives us the choice whether to be in His presence or not. Adam and Eve’s original decision to disobey God imbedded in all of us a natural tendency toward disobedience and sin and put us naturally outside of His presence forever because God is holy and cannot abide sin.

But remember, He created us for His good pleasure. It is possible to re-establish the relationship for all eternity, for those who desire it, by being cleansed from our sins. The only way to be cleansed, however, is for a perfect sacrifice to give up his life on our behalf so that we do not have to be separated from God forever.

And since humans are sinful, living in a world stained by sin, we have no perfect sacrifice to offer. So God sent His perfect Son, Jesus, to earth to serve as that sacrifice for our wrongdoing. Jesus died for our sins so that, when we acknowledge our need and the sacrifice He made for us, we will be turned back to Him and can rest in the knowledge that we will reside with God forever.

We have a physical life here on this earth. We also have a spirit breathed into us at the creation of mankind that will live on eternally, either in the presence of God or separate from Him. And separate from God means present with Satan, evil, darkness, and despair. We see just a glimpse of what that is like in our world today with all of its heartache and difficulty.

But when we choose God’s gift of salvation, we can have hope because of eternity. Hope because we will be restored to that state of perfection God intends for each one of us when we go to be with Him after our life here on earth is done.

No death, no destruction. No more tears, no more pain.

Will you choose His gift today?  I have, and I know that there is no decision I have ever made or will ever make that is as important as that one.

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